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C-Note Design is a web design/development company based in Toronto, Canada.

We are presently building a new site to showcase the talent available at C-Note, but for the time being our customers come first.

We would rather let our work speak for itself. If you are curious, please visit some of our recent projects:

Silent Sam The Movie

Mad Samurai Films Inc.

The Academy of Dramatic Combat


D.R.Rigging and Safety

Upper Canada Games

Havoc Stunt Services International

What We're About

Web sites should be clean and simple with minimalist design that gets to the point and communicates clearly. Fancy, expensive features do not substitute for good basic design.

We can do all the bells and whistles, and add features such as animation, Flash movies, sound, fancy dynamic elements - if they're necessary and relevant. Mostly, they are not. Mostly, they slow down websites unnecessarily and do not really add anything.

We take the attitude that the web should be about communicating information clearly and quickly in an effective and efficient way, not about showing off the talents of web designers. Unless fancy features are going to really add to the value or effectiveness of a website, then we will not recommend using them. We do not do that stuff just to make websites zoomier, win design awards or to charge our customers more money. We can, and will, recommend Flash, animation, and dynamic features if that is suited to the project. But when it comes right down to it, web surfers want websites that are appropriate to the subject matter, and our customers should not have to pay for features that are not needed. So, no hard-sell for the fancy stuff.

Clean, clear, simple design. Great quality personal service.

That's what we're about.

We'd love to hear from you.

C-Note Design
Toronto, Canada

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